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DIY Food Signage Guide

All about resources article of DIY Food Signage Guide.


Signage can be made with different materials to present out different types of feel. Traditional signage can be in the form of carved timber panel with gold-painted Chinese characters sometimes combined with English translations that hung above the doorways. Modern type of signage that known as light box signage. It actually aluminium box-up with either T5 lighting tubes or LED with back lit acrylic material with design artwork print. Some other types of signage can be as simple as 3D text pop-out signage with or without lighting. The rest can be non-illuminating signage board made of metal or plastic board material with spot-light shine on it.

Business owners preferred self-illuminating types of signage with their business images or services to be printed on acrylic with aluminium box-up. Do not forget, main signage is only part of your Business image, the most important thing is the strategy of how to publicise products or services and promote it to boost sales. It can be done with another material signage known as cloth or PVC banner with eyelets. This type of material can be easily find at car park and park areas where low cost, durable and can hang anywhere with cable tie or strings.

We can provide you with the raw materials too such as acrylic, T5 lighting and printing material for the start of DIY (Do-It-Youself) Signage by simple let us know from here: Order here or call +65 68116809


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DIY Food Signage Singapore

Business Signage or Advertisement Signage?

Have you heard of “Business Signage” and “Advertisement Signage“? What’s their different?
Well… In general, business signage is only allowed inside the building whereby advertisement signage is outside conserved building and require to go through designated advertising route.

To make it simple, I make it in point form.
Business signage:

  • Identity or description of place or premises
  • Identity or description of person residing on an occupation at the place or premises
  • Particulars of any business or occupation carried on at the place or premises including any logo that identify the business

Advertisement Signage is one who promote any of the following:

  • Goods
  • Brand of products
  • Services or event

Advertisement signage can also include logo or symbol or signs or notice or representation that unrelated to the main operational of the subject building. Example: Signage that promote food and beverages in an office that does not carry out F&B business.

DIY Food Signage Guide

Approval for signage installation

Most of the time, we need to seek for approval from building management to install any types of signage. Some of the documents that management require from you are: Method of installing, Artwork design that corporate with building theme, Date & Time of installation & Duration of completion.

Guidelines of application of outdoor signage clearance
Applicants required to submit 3 sets of A3-size drawings that shows details of the location, size and intended message of the proposal signage to dedicated management: HDB or Town Councils (Commercial Renovation & Carpark Signage) & URA (Conservation Area).

URA – Urban Redevelopment Authority
The Conservation Department,
URA, 12th Storey,
The URA Centre, 45 Maxwell Road,
Singapore 069118

HDB – Housing & Development Board
480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Atrium 3rd Storey
Singapore 310480 (weekdays: 8:30am to 5:00pm)

Make sure you know who is in-charged for your commercial signage area.

DIY Food Signage Design Guide

Done with the knowledge sharing about signage clearance and let’s move on to

DIY Food Signage Design Guidelines.

  • Less is More
  • Keep it concise with the message
  • Pictures and graphics speak louder
  • Keep the consistency
  • Recognize “Look and Feel”Signage is not restricted to only Business or Advertisement Signage. Way-finding system is also known as signage that guide new visitors to you.Branding Signage is highlighting identity. Especially useful working on a multi-building programPrimary Signage is larger and key signs identifying major areas of a buildingSecondary Signage is smaller signage that identify more specific parts of a buildingTertiary Signage is less isgnificant signage such as restroom, store room, control room and many more.Temporary Signage such as hoarding signage.Technology Signage known as Digital signage that display on the wall, ceiling mount, standing kiosk and counter top.


Experience is all that counts – Environment (Interior space with theme) + Friendly way finding


Signage program provides written directions, information or precautionary messages in a clear and concise graphic manner. The objective is eliminate extraneous signage throughout the facility by providing informational needs of customers to provide better self-navigating spaces for users.

The principle should be aimed at helping customers intuitively self-navigate their way through.

Colour & Material pallete
Well-designed color & materials palette is critical as it enhance customer-focused spaces and gives “look and feel” to their store. Carefully consider the proximity of branded spaces and standard spaces that integrate with the overall theme.

Signage Text Colours, Fonts & Symbols
Text colours will be used on both bright and contrast colours. Example: light neutral text colour on a dark background and darker text colour on light background. Note: two colours must give enough contrast for optimal readability.

Specific finshes, coating, materials and colours shold be indicated in specification pantone colour.

Various signage and graphic elements such as type styles, icon & arrow that gives overall whole space that just feel right.

DIY Food Signage is fun making your very own signage. Let’s start with some raw materials which we can provide it to you at direct factory cost. No minimum order. Order here to Build your very own DIY Food Signage today.